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Foliage doesn't have that 'sheen' from reflecting light
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Foliage in life has a certain sheen to it, mostly tropical plants and the like in Arma 3 share this attribute. With out it, the game makes the foliage look very dry and flat.

Adding a specular map to the leaves will fix this {F18794} {F18795}


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Start any mission
Look at leaves that should be reflecting sun light and flash/head lights

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Plants now have this sheen to it, which is a nice touch, but is too overdone... needs to be toned down. For the most part it looks good at a close distance as is, but when you zoom in on the distance, the trees and plants light up like neon night light (but during the day) which is tooo over exagerrated.

Please tweak it down a notch or two?

Gugla added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 1:58 PM

Hi, I was move up specular for a leafs the first LOD of the Tree and the bush. Can you see still this problem? Thanks for info

Nicolii added a subscriber: Nicolii.May 7 2016, 1:33 PM

The problem appears to be fixed, though I would like the leaves to be a little bit more shiny on the closest LOD on a bit more foliage but I won't complain further if you choose not to.

You may close the ticket if you please.

Oh and please give my thanks to who ever fixed the collision on the rocks, it's a godsend for improved movement.

Thank you.

Thanks for feedback

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