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Suggestion to have the User Map Marker use the same HUD colour setting as the cross hair (Active Elements)
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Currently the User Map Marker (Left Shift + Left Click on map) is white and can not have it's colour changed. I tend to loose it's position quite often as it fades and blends into the scenery very easily. I would like to see it use the same color that is used for the Virtual Cross hair.

In the attached screen shot I have my Crosshair ("Active Elements", as the game calls it) set to red. You can see the User Marker (circled in blue) is quite hard to see and is white. I would like to see the User Marker included with the "Active Elements" colour setting. {F18788}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the map.
  1. Press Left Shift & Left Click on map.
  1. Close the map.
  1. Notice the White User Marker that is now visible on the Game HUD
  1. There is no way to change it's colour

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