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Arma 3 often crashes when looting vehicles for weapons or items.
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I am experiencing crashes on Arma 3 when looting weapons or items from a vehicle.

This crash isn't instant and sometimes allows me to move items from the vehicle to my personal storage with out crashing, the issue roughly started on the 9/4/2013. Since the 9th I have experienced it at least 15 times out of 30 or so vehicle looting sessions.

I usually right click or ctrl + right click (I can't remember the specific command with out being in game) items to make them move into my personal storage.

From experience I don't usually have any issues looting bodies or weapon crates, although it isn't as common for me to loot bodies or weapon crates compared to vehicles.

The game will completely lock up and I will have to ctrl + alt + del to get out of the game and greeted with a "Arma 3 Alpha has stopped working" message.


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Approach a vehicle and attempt to loot items from the vehicle to my personal storage.

Additional Information

Last time it happened I was in 3rd person but I am fairly certain it happens in 1st person as well. I am on the dev version of Arma 3, last updated 10/4/2013.

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I don't believe it to be a common issue amongst other people as I havn't heard of any suffering the same issue as of recent.

Could this be connected to this issue 0007039 ?

Hmm possibly, I don't remember experiencing any issues with weapon/ammo boxes.
I only have issues with removing weapons from vehicles currently, also doesn't matter which type of vehicle they all seem to crash, only tested on wasteland servers.

We need dxdiag and files from this folder for solve your problem. C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\

Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 2,097k, so you can attach here. Thank you.

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Closing due to lack of response / required info.

If the issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket with all required files.