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Completely unrealistic open terrain infantry engagement movement
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This has been going on for a while before Arma III, but needs fixed. In open terrain infantry are NOT moving as they should when engaging the enemy; i.e. closing with and destroying. Even when enemy has been destroyed the ai will not bound forward, rather cqb type movement seems to have been applied liberally regardless of open terrain. This is a real simulator killer for infantry. Infantry with superiority of firepower and reasonable numbers should close with the enemy in fireteam/buddy team bounds with the other fireteam/buddy covering movement then bounding themselves to get online IOT close with and destroy the enemy. CQB type movement in open terrain is farcical rather than realistic. There should be a way to light a fire under your men to move with a sense of urgency, they tend to lag behind. Ideally Arma III should allow a platoon size attack in which one squad lays a base of fire while another attempts to flank


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Try to rapidly, i.e. 3-5 second rush your fireteams during an engagement.

Additional Information

FM 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad
(a) The squad leader designates one fire team to support the movement of the other team by fires.

(b) The squad leader designates a distance or direction for the team to move. He accompanies one of the fire teams.

(c) Soldiers must maintain contact with team members and leaders.

(d) Soldiers time their firing and reloading in order to sustain their rate of fire.

(e) The moving fire team proceeds to the next covered position. Teams use the wedge formation when assaulting. Soldiers move in rushes or by crawling.

(f) The squad leader directs the next team to move.

(g) If necessary, the team leader directs soldiers to bound forward as individuals within buddy teams. Soldiers coordinate their movement and fires with each other within the buddy team. They maintain contact with their team leader.

(h) Soldiers fire from covered positions. They select the next covered position before moving. They either rush forward (no more than 5 seconds), or use high or low crawl techniques based on terrain and enemy fires.

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I think the biggest problem is that the AI are all single instances and therfor lack teamwork. The only "teamwork" you'll see is following the team/squad leader, but the moment the fire fight starts they all act solo.

Currently this can be fixed with external scripts like UPSMON, but for a perfect result you'll need either a NASA server, or make use of the Headless Client functionality.

As far as I can see now; the AI scripting is similar to ArmA2, so hopefully this will change towards the final release.


PS. not sure if it's a major bug with high priority...

I do hope the AI gets changed or optimized. On another note does anyone know if the idea of HC setups will be included tweaked? It just seems like almost all the shortcommings of Arma OA are still present in A3.

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I agree this is not a major issue insofar as a game crashing bug, I just consider it a major issue for an 'infantry simulator'. This being the 3rd in the series the devs need to go the extra mile and make the ai somewhat believable when it comes to extremely basic infantry techniques. Base of fire, 3-5 second rushes, flanking are as basic as you can get. There are other little things like switching weapons, the rifle shouldn't go on the back, all combat units have rifles (or they modify them) with rings for harnesses, the weapon drops to the front as you go for your sidearm, which is often on the vest itself. Nobody takes the time to sling a weapon when they transition; also show a pistol in the holster. I will say that the dialogue seems much better.

This would make the game more appealing indeed :)

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.