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medic/corpsman have unlimited medical supplies
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would be realistic if medics/corpsman have limited medical supplies.

for example can heal up to x amount of times before resupply.


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be a medic
shoot soldier in leg

(you can repeat this process until you run out of ammo)

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just an idea for more realism.

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What about the medpacks in the backpack of the medic? do they deplete? Maybe it is still in development and the medpacks deplete when healing...

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and maybe an ammo box for the medics to resupply from or a medical assistant to carry extra supplies for him?

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

A more advanced system like that in ACE could be possible, maybe an optional module in missions? Would be things like limited supplies of bandages, morphine and adrenaline used to stabilize the condition of the casualty for casevac. It would add to the realism and the immersion if you were low on supplies and a soldier gets hit because you would have to race against time to save his life, stop the bleeding and minimise the shock and the pain.

I think for the less hardcore players this option should be disable-able but a more realistic wounding system, as suggested in other posts, would increase immersion and I think this along with limited supplies would make being a medic a very important role, prioritising casualties and other things.


current functionality is a part of more complex system and we do not plan to change only this one thing without considering all other impacts/aspects within this system. We are currently working on plans for the expansion and it is possible that some health system changes will make it in there. However, I cannot promise anything for now, as far as we haven't finished anything yet.

I will resolve this issue as "suspended" for now. Because as I mentioned already above, we don't plan to change this functionality without looking (and possibly changing) all other parts of the health system. But we will definitely look at this functionality in case of a bigger health system overhaul.

Thank you for the feedback and for your understanding!