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respawn = "group"; no longer seems to work properly
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I have used the group respawn option in scenarios before, but since the update it no longer seems to work properly. respawndelay has no effect, you will always respawn instantly and also, instead of respawning you to group location it will instead just give you control of any AI left alive and once all are dead you will no longer be able to respawn, which is what i understand respawn= "side'; does, not what group should be doing.


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save a scenario, go to mission folder add a description.ext file add
respawn= "group";
respawndelay= "100";

save and export mission to mp.

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u got it wrong

  • 0 or "none" -----> no respawn
  • 1 or "bird" ---> respawn as a bird
  • 2 or "instant" ---> respawn at the place you were killed
  • 3 or "base" ----> respawn at marker (spawn_west, spawn_east...)
  • 4 or "group" ----> Spawn into an available AI unit of same group, if no AI available you will spawn as a bird
  • 5 or "side" ----> same as 4, only now for all AI units of 1 side.

huh, well i seem to remember being able to re spawn at my group when i first started using it, but if you say so. there should be this available in any case.

also re spawn delay definitely has no effect on "group"

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