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AI shoots his gun, killing you, while not having to aim his gun at you
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This has happened several times, and it's very annoying that you can be looking at the AI as he is positioned sideways, you aim at him, he detects you, then pulls his trigger, his gun goes off, killing you, and he's not even pointing his gun in your direction. It just happened to me in a coop mission called Mafia, which is why I'm here now, because it's just not FAIR. Unless they have one of those Israeli guns that can shoot around corners, which I doubt. Please fix this, I can't give you a screenshot, because by the time I press shift-t I'm dead, but it is reproduceable. How did this issue even get into the Alpha version? Surely you've encountered this bug yourselves as much as you've been testing them yourselves?


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And please do something about the free software being distrubuted specifically for hacking into Arma, because I'm starting to think that as often as this occurs and by as many people, that perhaps this was the original intention to indirectly provide a means of vunerability. Perhaps some gaming company invested a lot of money into making a game with a new engine, making it steam compatible, while not realizing until too late, that certain promises could not be kept, but said company perhaps didn't want to lose the money invested so released it as an Alpha, with promises of fixes that perhaps it knows it can't produce. So create a vunerability indirectly through outside means not traceable back to the company, whereas software is provided free of charge to hamper the gameplay, so that the overall blame could be placed elsewhere while said company keeps reaping in the money from a product that may never meet it's original expectations, nor those promised. We are seeing bugs in Arma 3 that were never fixed in previous releases of the series. We are getting hacked every single day, because of this software. Do you think that Battleeye will ever work with Steam? Personally, I would doubt it, because there are many existing conflicts between steam and Arma 3 that are being ignorned, and just passed off with another excuse. Such as the advertisements that crash the Arma 3 game. I'm not accepting the excuse given! I know you can do a good job on this game, but it's up to you in the end, not US. I've programmed for several years, and when I create a program, I know where the possible bugs may be, why don't you, in your own programs? Getting shot by an AI that is not even pointing his gun at you is a bug that should have never happened if someone would have tested them out, before putting them into the game! This was obviously intentionally overlooked! It's upsetting, and I expect more out of a video game with your reputation.

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calm down, moaning like this isn't going to make BIS fix It any faster.
BIS have also mentioned this is an ALPHA.

if you are not impressed please revert back to arma 2 until full release.

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The AI problem has already been reported.

Please search before posting, keep your tickets short and to the point and refrain from ranting, since it is not at all helpful.