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Entering editor crashes game
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Sometimes, when i try to enter editor from main menu, the game will crash with the error message popping up saying it stopped working. {F18730} {F18731} {F18732} {F18733}


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Game Crash
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Just clicking on the button to enter the editor crashes the game

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Almost all bidmp files have zero size and they are corrupted. Only first one from 24.03. is not corrupted. Is this crashdump from same crash? Do you have some newer crashdumps without zero size?

I packed them a few minutes right after the crash. I didn't launch game again after that crash before I packed the files.
I'll try to reproduce and pack new files.

I managed to reproduce it immediately (just tried to enter editor, nothing else).. I think it will always crash until I restart my PC (it was the only way how to go to the editor last time i needed to).

I uploaded new package with dump files and the error's screenshot (in Czech language :-/)

Can you play showcases without this issue?
Did you try this in Stable build?

Can you try kill all unnecessary applications before start Arma 3?
Very often issue is conflict with Zone Alarm or other antvirus software.

Now i had crash right after the startup, "Exception code: C00000FD STACK_OVERFLOW at 777E22A8" is in one of the dump files at the end of the report (the .rpt file), the second (.bidmp) file was empty again..

Now i successfully started up the game, every button i click will lead to the game crash. It produces dump files with same size as the files in the packages provided.

Reverting to stable build still crashes the game clicking on buttons, but the dump file has only 18 kb ending with stack overflow error again.

I killed Bandicam, Skype, QIP, uTorrent, Speedfan processes, and it's working! (Stable build)

Bandicam worked before, i recorded a lot of clips with it.. Speedfan too..
But QIP got usually turned off and uTorrent was not usually used. I don't know about Skype, i think it was running before, and arma was working.. So my guess is incompatibility with QIP.

EDIT: Just tried to turn on QIP and Skype.. It is still working....

astaroth said :

"Can you try kill all unnecessary applications before start Arma 3?
Very often issue is conflict with Zone Alarm or other antvirus software."

I have a PC rig which I use only for games, no internet except for steam access, no anti-virus or any other kind of protection running, I find this setup works perfectly for all my games, and I never have any issues except when the game itself has bugs.

I have another PC which I use for the Internet with all the usual protection.

If you can afford it, I recommend this way, coz it works just brill.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.