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Is not wonderfull if 2 or more people can use the same editor, and see what other people is doing, get and give help in real time, see how's the editing is going, make scripts that others can use and implements...?


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Syncronize editors

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I say YES! But eachdeveloping mission must have personal repository SVN based or some similar for instant udates each X sec...
But its need only for newbie mission makers, more skilled use scripts only ;)

Great idea. Obviously someone creates a mission, then enables the multi mission editing for multiple players to edit the mission at the same time, and having a tool that is synchronized to the mission folder of the player who created the mission in the first place, thus allowing real time editing of scripts etc.

(I hope that I explained that clearly)

Have DropBox style synchronization for connecting to the mission folder, and when using Notepad++ if another person has edited the scripts, it will automatically inform the other person that the script has been modified, do you wish to reload it.

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Please search before posting.