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Start-up window is annoying
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Could you please make that launch window that let us switch between windowed and fullscreen mode not to show everytime I'm starting the game? Or make it show only for first time or add here checkbox which If you will tick will make this window not show. Thanks!


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  1. Launch the game from Steam
  2. The annoying pop-up with two options Play ArmA 3 Alpha & Launch in windowed mode appears.
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Dunno If It's just DEV version or the stable version too..

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"D:\games\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -cpucount=8 -world=empty -nosplash -skipintro

this should help you out

No effect. That steam pop-up is still there.

use the path (according to your setup) to create a desktop icon, don't use the "create desktop icon" from the steam open since this will only start arma by using the steam id which will be the same as launching it directly through steam.

the shortcut should point directly to the arma3.exe so you are launching the exe rather than through steam.

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-skipintro does not remove the logo's and 'this is war'. It takes just a few seconds anyway.

I don't want to remove logo.
I want to remove THIS:

Just create a shortcut , same way as with arma2

just use the -nosplash option, here it works

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug. We are not able to resolve this issue. You should contact the Steam support.