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Clunky/ineffective looting from corpses
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The process to loot corpses are too ineffective and poorly designed as it is now.

Assume I use a Katiba, I am running low on ammo but I just killed someone else with a katiba, naturally I will want to lose his corpse to take his magazines for the weapon, what are the steps I must take?

If I only loot his corpse, I will likely see nothing. Clicking on his clothing to open them does not appear to work.

The steps I must take is instead to first drop my weapon on the ground, then pick his weapon up. Now I must remove the magazine from his weapon and put it in my clothing, then I will drop his weapon and pick up mine.
This have earned me the magazine that was in his weapon.

If I want to find the rest, I must first unequip my clothing and pick up his clothing to see if there was any magazines inside.

Not only does this take unnessecary amount of time, there is also sometimes problems with equipping clothing, so you may not be able to equip yours again.


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Loot a dead corpse.

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B00tsy added a comment.Apr 6 2013, 5:08 PM

You need to double click his backpack to open it. But yeah, looting is a pain now.

knister added a subscriber: knister.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM

Can't you just use rearm to get the magazines?

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. I can normaly take more magazines via "Rearm" option in action menu or by opening an inventory.

The take weapon icon looks the same as the rearm icon so you never know what will happen when you press default action.

Well it's kinda realistic, that you have to search the backpack etc. It's not like you can just lay down on the ground and pull everything into your jacket/backpack etc. with two hands in reality.

Those missions who wish to simplify looting can do so possibly through scripting, but then the script commands for inventory after player/AI death need to be fixed (#4644).

With #6031 fixed, this ticket definitely needs a better suggestions what's missing, or I'll close it as fixed.

bez added a comment.Jun 8 2013, 12:38 PM

This ticket is spot on!
It is clunky and buggy and allot of the times my equipment get lost somehow.

For example if I click middle mouse button when the hand icon appear
I am taking the enemy weapon, but if I want to take mine back, it is gone!

Also, as you can see in the current system, the opfor soldier is the "ground"
if I want to search his vest for example I need to take it off of him
put it in my inventory or on the ground and then look inside it.
This is not only NOT realistic but also time consuming and clunky, like OP said.

Current looting system:

I suggest the following system:
I think it would make the looting interface from dead corpse more realistic AND much more easy to use.

I also think the most important thing is that the interface will be consistent,
by that I mean that a soldier is not the ground, it should not be a simple list,
it should have the same interface as my own inventory.

At the moment it is not consistent and it is very confusing.
I hope you will consider my suggestion.

Anyway, upvoted and monitored!

Fireball you said:
"Well it's kinda realistic, that you have to search the backpack etc. It's not like you can just lay down on the ground and pull everything into your jacket/backpack etc. with two hands in reality."

Well, it's true, in a way, BUT
imagine you lay down on the ground, I don't need to take your vest off of you and put on the ground to see what is inside the pouches
I can just take the stuff out of your punches and place them in mine.

And anyway, if I can take my own stuff out of my backpack one by one, it would be much easier for me to that on your backpack
and again I wouldn't need to take your backpack off of you just to look inside it.

bez added a comment.Jun 8 2013, 12:37 PM

After some thought, I personally think that there is one more problem.
Too many options on any container/soldier/ground items in the action menu.

If I approche a dead soldier I have 3 actions possible:

  1. Take main weapon.
  2. Rearm.
  3. Open inventory.

However, sometimes I open the inventory when the TAKE action is the only one possible,
that will result in the following interface:

The problem here, is that many times I find it difficult to find the exact spot to open
the ENTIRE inventory of the corpse I am looting.

My suggestion here is to make ALL of the corpse area open the same inventory menu,
so players don't need to run around the corpse finding the exact spot to open the inventory up.
The "TAKE" and "REARM" option would still stay in the action menu the whole time,
but the Inventory would ALWAYS open ALL the inventory interface.

In addition it is possible to add these two buttons to the inventory interface:

P.S. was this ticket opened up by a moderator or a reporter named moderator?

StJimmy added a subscriber: StJimmy.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM

+1 for bez's suggestion.

Maybe bez you should make a new ticket with your version because BIS might not notice your text here.

pops added a subscriber: pops.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM
pops added a comment.Jun 8 2013, 1:49 PM

When an enemy dies, his main weapon creates a second inventory instance. In order to access the inventory of the fallen enemy you have to be as far away as possible from the weapon and then access the body's inventory. That's the most annoying part.

I don't mind a few manual steps to get all the ammo and mags from a body, quite the opposite actually.

Yeah the #1 most annoying inventory issue for me is getting the weapon instead of the body. In some cases it has taken more than 5 tries from multiple angles to get the correct interface.

Also, you should be able to access the 'weapon' slot like you can do with the clothing, vest and backpack, in order to easily switch optics.

Additionally, clicking on a magazine in your own inventory should cycle to that item in the inventory you're accessing, if it is present. That would make it easier to replenish your ammo.

Squelch added a subscriber: Squelch.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM

Selection of the correct inventory container to open when at a dead body is difficult. The areas of action seem to be further away than is plausible, and because they cross over, it becomes confusing. I would suggest decreasing the action area.

@bez, There is no need to remove any sub container. The vest can be opened on both the corpse and yourself, and items can be dragged between them. Simply double click the sub container (vest, ruck) to open, and use the ground menu item at the top to return to the main inventory.

bez added a comment.Jun 9 2013, 4:40 PM

@Squelch, OK so it's possible (though me not knowing it testify for bad UI from the get go),
Nevertheless it's still clunky and buggy and I can tell you,
that many inventory item disappeared for me just because the inventory behaves differently
and you don't know what will do what next.

Now please explain me this,
Why when I open my own inventory it looks the way it does
But when I open a corpse inventory it looks like a simple crate?
Sorry, but it makes no sense.

My suggestion is not only easier to use but it's also consistent
and will solve all of the problems you talked about.
If you read my second post, you will see I also covered the weapon
issue being an extra slot on the ground.

It's exactly these kind of things that make you confuse.
I really don't get it, why to make it harder when the solution is so simple.

@ST. Jimmy, you could be right,
but I don't want MadDogX closing anymore of my tickets ^_^
but I might if I see it does not get the proper attention.

@bez The corpse is nothing more than a crate with sub containers. As I pointed out, these can be opened by double clicking. The layout is to reflect your characters load out, and that of the corpse may be significantly different. Your proposal would work, but it does take a lot of screen space. The only bug, is noted below.

I've just opened a ticket asking for the linked weapon to be treated as a sub container #0009368

The problem of items disappearing is due to trying to drag them to a full inventory or sub container #0009367

bez added a comment.Jun 9 2013, 5:30 PM

@Squelch, in theory the corpse inventory layout might be significantly different,
but it isn't now is it? all the characters have the exact same layout, so no, I don't agree with that.
I rather it take more screen space and I could take things more quickly than it have a small screen footprint but I will mess around.

Also please consider this,
I can open my own backpack (which is on my back mind you) and look inside it and still see the rest of my inventory
But I can't do it to a corpse laid down in front of me where everything is easily accessible.
Again, makes no sense.

But it's ok we don't have to agree.

Ok, I'll bite.

Consider the image below which uses the very large interface option.

Opening your own rucksack implies that it is taken in hand and opened. The rest of your loadout is known to you, and should be easily accessible - I can reach into my own pocket, take a coin and put in another with my eyes closed - the present system adds this familiarity via a screen graphic.

The loadout of the corpse should not be known to you, so therefore cannot be shown as such.

bez added a comment.Jun 9 2013, 6:13 PM

Ho well, what can I say,

To expand on the difficulty in accessing the inventory regarding the areas of action I have created an issue for this #0009378

Related issue #0007586

I believe the intent of the design is to reduce the number of items in any one screen to keep the clutter down; this is good. It's ok for the player to require an additional step to access gear within gear as long as the path to getting there is intuitive enough.

The problem really is that the container property of inventory objects is not visible enough to the player and the fact that there is no indication that to open a container in the inventory you need to double click it.

A tutorial to teach the player that up front should be added and/or a button (View Contents) added to the inventory screen that appears when an object with the container property is selected.

I just want to add that my biggest problem with looting corpses is getting to the full inventory in the first place, as mentioned above. It takes far too long to manoeuvre yourself around the 'hand' icon so you can get to backpack etc.

I've died so often doing this...I'd just say get rid of the hand Icon altogether and access the whole list of items on body with 'inventory' option.

Closing this clunky/ineffective ticket.

If you want to have something specific improved or fixed, make a ticket about that specific issue. Tickets saying "it doesn't work right - fix it!" rarely help.

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