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strange behaviour of dithered shadows (Alpha 1.52.103507) with high shadow quality
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I know the problem of jagged/pixelated/dented shadows comes from NVidia's driver, especially on recent graphics cards (a problem saw on many games). I found the solution (apply in version Alpha 1.52.103507) of dithering the shadows brilliant ! Now shadows look really, really better. But, in my opinion, there's still a very disturbing problem : with the shadow quatity sets to "high", there a sort of "cut" in the shadow, depending on the distance (see screenshot n°1). This "cut" tends to disappear with the shadow quality sets to "very high" (see screenshot n°2) and become invisible with the setting "ultra" (see screenshot n°3), but, of course, there a significant lose of FPS when increasing shadow quality. I found this "cut" of the shadow at "high" setting very disturbing, especially when moving (too much difference between the two shadows). I would be overjoyed if a solution to decrease this "contrast" of shadow, when in "high" quality, would be found.

note : this is no dupe of feedback 0000351, 0000492 or 0001353. {F18717} {F18718} {F18719}


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Set the quality of the shadow quality to "high", just walk in Agia Marina and look at the walls (look especially under roofs).

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I have an AMD 7950 and i still have the same issues you describe. Possibly a higher show reaolution may help a little. I even have had it happen when in some areas on the very high setting.

Ok then : it's apparently a problem with all recent gfx cards/drivers. In my opinion, the more disturbing is with high shadow setting : Usually, when you're "in action", we paid less attention to visual environment, except for this shadow transition at high setting... 'must be blind not to see the transition.

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