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Keyboard settings/language
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I am playing with a scandinavian keyboard which means i can type ÖÄÅ with ease for example. But when playing multiplayer my keyboard settings change to some sort of arabic or to english settings (see images). so when typing in in-game chat or in steam (even the steam web browser) all i can see is arabic letters (steam/steam web browser) or question marks (in-game).

If i really have to say something important i have to tab down the game and write what ever i have to say in a notepad and the copy paste it into the game. I haven't played a game yet where this haven't happen, which means this have happend probably over 30 times.

I've had this problem in arma 2 as well but it is 10x worse in arma 3. {F18707}


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I have tried to find a way to reproduce but to me it seems it happens randomly and often

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Would have been usefull to add more than just one photo :/

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I just noticed this after submitting my report - my situation is very similiar, but for me the game keeps switching to a French keyboard layout I don't even have installed. But I can switch to my other Keyboard layouts while in game by pressing Left Shift + Left Alt.

I also have a similar situation. I have a Portuguese keyboard and it keeps changing the layout to what I think is an English layout. It also has been happening since ArmA 2.

Good to hear i am not the only one. I've never seen anything like this in any other game. With comunication being so important in this i find it very odd the a problem like this still exist from arma 2.

Yes, "Exactly what you said xD" plus I really tought it would get fixed in ArmA 3. (Let's hope they do)

Just a correction: this is Hebrew not Arabic.
This could be a steam issue.

I doubt this is a steam issue since no other game have this problem except for arma 2 and 3. I've played A TON of steam games and never stumbled upon this before

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