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The Littlebird is too resilient, can survive multiple grenade hits
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Using a Mk-19 grenade launcher on a parked AH-9 at point-blank range requires far too many rounds to cause it to explode. Not sure whether this is the result of weak grenades, a super-strong helicopter, or both.

Normally, in games and sims it is possible to destroy a helicopter with one 40mm grenade, because the grenade would tear open the surfaces of the aircraft and the flow of air across the surface would widen the hole and change the helicopter's flight characteristics, making it hard to control. I would say that a helicopter should not be able to survive more than three 40mm grenade direct hits. Maybe two for the Littlebirds and Loaches.


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Open up with the Mk-19 grenade launcher on a parked AH-9 and watch how difficult this egg is to crack.

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where would i find the MK-19?

did you check the heilcopter if it could get off the ground? in arma 2 you could disable a chopper with a GL and its engine would not work

the grenades are generally underpowered. HOWEVER: exploding vehicles is not necessarily realistic anyway, as an explosion of an aircraft will generally only happen if the fuel tank ruptures (massively) and spills tons of fuel all over the place at once. In general, a grenade, or series of grenades, would most likely puncture, rather than fully rupture, a fuel tank, causing fuel to spill out and maybe catch fire and commence burning. The fuel used in US aircraft is called JP-8, and is more akin to diesel, than to gasoline, and is very difficult (might be impossible, not sure) to cause to explode. It's definitely NOT high explosive. Just a note.

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Please use descriptive ticket titles.


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Then if it won't explode under any conditions it shouldn't, not after a ridiculous amount of direct hits from 40mm.

In any case, the flying object damage to the turbines resulting from the grenade hits would quickly disable the bird.

And usually it is the vapor & oxygen combo that ignites, isn't it?

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