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Sound of Night Vision Goggles
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I had a discussion with my friend, and we thought about borrow from some ready and open source music :)


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I have tried such goggles IRL, when I was in the army, and in my memories, they don't do that noise, it's only in splinter cell :P

So let's discuss and let us mention links etc. The goggles cannot be turned on without any sound. Remember it's still a game - not real life.

There should be a sound when activating night vision goggles. Not the "whine" sound from Splinter Cell, but rather, the sound of the player grabbing the NVGs and lowering them over his eyes.

link with 0006833

@Lagueesha: That seems better! least a simple "Click" would suffice ..

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Laqueesha's suggestion is much better.

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Since #6833 is apparently considered the better option, I'm closing this one as a dupe.