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Reflections on the chopper windshield are blocking the view.
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The reflections on the chopper windshield of the little bird are way to strong.

While the fire extinguisher reflection can be nerving at day - it becomes a major impact at night with NVG.

I for example am often not able to shoot at targets at night.

At the other hand - the copilot hasnt got any problems! 99% of the time his view is clear - <b>as its supposed to be</b>

I am pretty sure real choppers have got non reflecting wind shields - and if not - its not bringing anyhting good into the game either way.

<b>So - pls get rid of the relections in the pilots seat of the little bird</b>


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Results may vary from monitor to monitor. Still - its a hindering feature that doesnt need to be there in the first place. Especially if even the co-pilot doesnt have that effect....

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. I'm not able to find any reflections strong enough to harm the gameplay.

The reflections on AH/MH-9 are the most visible, when the sun is directly behind the helicopter. Theoretically, the fuselage itself should block the light and prevent creation of reflexes. While it can be seen, that the light is being blocked and the dashboard is dark, the reflections are still there.

I tried hovering in a shadow cast by ATC tower at the Stratis airbase and it caused the small red reflection in the center of pilot's windscreen to disappear, however the lower white reflection was still visible - even with the helicopter being completely in shadow, its tail pointing at the sun.

One more curiosity: similar hovering in a shadow of Stratis airbase water tower, doesn't cause even the red reflection to dissapear, even though the water tower casts visible shadow. The cocpkpit is also being lit, even if the helicopter is completely hiden in water tower's shadow.

The red reflection is supposed to represent a fire extinguisher hanged on a vertical strut, between the front seats. With cockpit fully in the shadow, the extinguisher shouldn't produce any reflections. Matte dark finish of cockpit's interior should prevent creation of such strong refleses, as we can see now. I've also observed instances, when the reflexes would make flying difficult with NVGs at night.

Observed in Dev build 0.57.105007

Thales added a comment.May 9 2013, 3:11 PM

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback. Reflections look similar to what pilots can experience in real life but we're going to look at it one more time.

Having the reflections modelled is good and yes, they can be a pain in real life. But in Arma3 they behave in unexpected ways. Please have a look at the video I made:

The reflection I will be referring to, is the main reflection in the center of the windshield. It represents light reflected from the vertical strut situated between pilot's seats, along with a reflection from a red fire extinguisher, mounted to the low part of the strut (the extinguisher itself is currently not modelled). This is important, because we have to consider, how much light is actually being received by the strut, during various parts and maneuvers of this test flight.

My conclusion is, that the reflection algorithm ignores cockpit being self-shadowed by the rest of the fuselage and takes into account only the positioning of the sun (or moon) relative to the windshield's surface. That's why pointing the tail towards the sun and diving, produces the most visible reflections, because it sets the windshield to a position the most perpendicular to the light rays.

When hovering in radar dome's shadow, the situation is somehow reversed. The reflection appears to properly react to the lighting on the strut, but ignores the fact, that the sunlight is being blocked by the radar altogether.

Obviously, the reflection is really an image baked into the windshield glass' texture, but it's lighting model should be tied to the strut and cockpit interior, rather than the glass itself.

I believe it is a similar lighting issue, to the one I've accidentally discovered while investigating this ticket:

I found there, that it appears, that plants' lighting is inherited from the terrain's lighting, instead of plants being lit separately, like objects are.

@armapirx: Very illustrative video. Thanks für that. (And okay - music is not your fault ;-) )

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Since this went by the wayside without notice, I just want to point out that this problem has been resolved.

The reflections are no longer nearly as intense in day or night, at least in dev build.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.