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Still some lacks in animations.
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Ist all about Vehicle, well as you see on pic feets arent honestly fit to pedals in Hunter neither in ifirit, I know its a pitty but its still looks lame. {F18696}


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Not to be a downer on the issue, but how often is someone going to be looking down while they're driving?

It just doesn't seem like it's taking away from the experience; the animated steering wheel animations were a god-send enough.

You can't honestly think that better animations/more complete animations are a bad thing! I'll up-vote anything like this for sure. It's the little detail that sells a simulator.

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Correct! they said it will be the best simulator that they can make, it is already but making it only better and better isnt something wrong for me and even such small details like animations of feets on pedals is something that will let you see "HEY! guys from BIS took it really seriously if they finished such details..." besides while they focus on more important things they have US to check everything that should be once again fixed or replaced.


I agree with Tholozor, going to be absolutely unnecessary as nobody is going to look down to look at that. The time it will take to fix this can be used to fix other things.

I will vote for JUST placing the feet correctly will be enough, doesn't have to animate the feet with an animation.

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Upvoted! Seems like the code to drive animations based on inputs is already there (for steering wheel), can't imagine it would be too much work to also add proper pedal animations. While you may not look down too often and see them while you are driving - I am sure others in MP session will notice those animations.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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this is because we reuse anims between vehicles. Because of time restrictions and other prioritz issues we will not be able to redo this in A3 timeframe. Sorry about that mate's