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Restore gear on respawn function
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Please make a gear respawn script as module or as function

Save player gear when he died or take damage and restore it when respawn

Function: mod maker or missions makers can call this func where its requred in scripts
BIS_fnc_restoreGear ?! :)

Why not? Make modmakers life more eazy, please!


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Get current all equipment each X sec/each take damage, if player press ESC/Respawn
Set gathered gear equipment/weapons/items when player respawning.

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We're planning the similar functionality for official MP missions, will make sure it's made into a function.

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Please, here need two funcs: get and set
And scripters can call it where they want
Thank you :)

Devs, Any news?

Just stumbled on this ticket. I would consider it still being required. A few days ago I made myself comfortable with the new A3 respawn manager, but it's still lacking such a vital requirement.

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So... what's up with this guys???