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RPG Overpowered against Helicopters / armored vehicles
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I think that the RPG is a bit overpowered. All you have to do is have an RPG (easy to get in wasteland [my favorite game mode]) and anything you lock onto has NO CHANCE of survival. I think you could make it more balanced by adding flares to helicopters but you can only deploy them every X seconds. There should also be some kind of warning sound that there is a heat seeker fired at you while in a heli so you know when to deploy the flares.

To make it balanced you should figure out how long it takes to reload RPG and fire it so many feet and decide how long it takes before you can deploy flares again.

For the armored vehicles i think there should be some kind of similar counter measure on them as well.


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Whoops, wrong ticket, sorry.

What do you mean by "easy to get"? Do you refer to a specific mission?

K60 have Flares!


Its ARMA not BF or CoD. All PILOTS needs to known how to evade this. With ACE Mod its be diferent. But its good to day (vanila).

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LAT are quite capable of taking out soft targets... IRL

Also mounting Shtora and Arena on MRAPs is retarded...

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RPG's aren't guided, therefor they can NOT lock on, and flares have NO effect on them.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:25 PM

Given that these are state of the art anti tank weaponry, not RPG-7 style, they aren't really overpoweerd.

As stated above, RPG's at not heat seeking missiles, flares are going to do jack squat against them.

RPG's are a huge threat to even the most armored aircraft, here is an example of what happens when an RPG hits an AH-64 engine just imagine the damage that could do to something hardly armored, much softer skinned with less bulk in the way..the results wouldn't be pretty.

Arma is not wasteland, stop reporting problems from wasteland as though they effect the core game, they don't.

RPGs not guided to AA targets unless AA ammo is loaded.