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Chopper mouse flying should emulate joystick cyclic control better
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When you fly chopper forward with mouse and try to maintain same pitch with some horizontal speed, your chopper will automatically rise it's nose back to horizontal plane, slowing your speed and forcing you to adjust the pitch all the time, by lifting your mouse back to original starting position infinite times.

Mouse/keyboard users should have optional choice for cyclic control being more manual, and being able to maintain the different states of joystick, as if it were actually controlling a virtual joystick in any direction and keep it there, until moved back to it's original position. {F18668} {F18669}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fly a chopper.
  2. Move forward at moderate to high speed
  3. Attempt to maintain pitch while moving forward
  4. Notice that you dragged your mouse off the table or repeatedly lifted it back to starting position
Additional Information

Issue may be caused by realistic drag that causes the chopper to change it's pitch, but i'm fairly certain that with actual joystick held forward, the change wouldn't be as big as it is with mouse control.

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Not moving your mouse is essentially stopping input. This is why joysticks are better for flying.

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Yes, i was afraid that might be the cause as well.

However, i was hoping that there could be some sort of virtual controller in which you move your cursor into X position that gives out same output as if you were moving real joystick forward for example.

Maybe you even could have such controller visible on the hud, as small icon to help determine the current position of the "stick"

This way when the mouse feedback stops the input, the virtual controller would still be in place and give the correct input for the chopper.

I really don't know if this is even possible but it would certainly make flying long distances less irritating.

Here's a brief example of what the controller could look like:

There are plenty of joystick emulators for mouse axis out since like forever, i don't see why BIS shouldn't be able to implement an easier version of those (they have a lot of functions that wouldn't be used in ArmA) in the final release or even a later release.


At the moment mouse cyclic is slowly reduced back to zero after each mouse movement.

The Cyclic position should be STRICTLY RELATIVE to mouse position.

The mouse cyclic should behave just like a joystick!

At the moment it is impossible to maintain a turn at a fixed bank using mouse cyclic!

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