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[Feature Request] Enhance AI Action Menu
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a common problem when using the AI Action Menu is that you don't know which action relates to which entity (for example: open door x5)

i suggest highlighting the according entity when scrolling through the menu so i can see exactly which door my teammate would open / which create's gear would be accessed / ...


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Usually AI chooses to go for the nearest container when opening the inventory with Gear command. This makes it difficult to gear up the AI from particular container if there are multiple possible containers stacked (such as dead soldiers near crates)

I have a different suggestion:

It would be nice if you could select the AI in your squad, look at particular object and have action suggestions appear on your quick command menu, right under the usual "Move to that" command.

This could be used for any action menu options that concern an object that you can aim at.

Jukk added a comment.Apr 4 2013, 9:15 AM

I agree with XSnipa. That menu is already context sensitive to vehicles for example, so why not to doors and ammo boxes etc?

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Something like this would also be nice for assigning targets - I'm thinking of just a direction indicator so it won't become too easy.f

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