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Arma 3 Alpha wont load
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This may have been already brought to your attention or maybe im just semi-stupid. But i purchased the game, and when i try to run the Alpha it brings up the load screen that says (Arma 3) and it has the loading bar and when the bar finishes, it along with the Arma 3 logo just disappear. The first two times i tried to run it, i made it past the initial load screen and got a black screen... D: I hope i can get some helpful feedback, my system requirements are good enough for the minimal at least from what steam said. {F18636} {F18637}


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Same for me, since today

Ok, first edit:

  • I've tried to let the black screen and, after around 1 minute I've finally the main menu screen

Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit

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Yeah, I'm not even getting the black screen anymore. I just get the load screen and it goes blank after that. Arma 3 shows up in my Processes, but not in my Applications which is weird.

Tried setting the game to Dev build = No Effect
Tried doing the -nobenchmark command line option = No Effect

Can you please attach your DXDIAG file?
Do you have latest graphic drivers?
This is some issue with graphic card.

DX11 - Initializing DX11 engine.
DX11 - Detecting best GPU adapter.
DX11 - Failed to detect best GPU adapter.
DX11 - Unable to detect adapter - selecting default one.
DX11 - Failed to select DXGI adapter.
DX11 error : Failed to initialize graphics adapter. : E_FAIL

Now I'm trying with 32bit but the problem is always actual.

The problem is only "local"; I mean:

Launch game
I see the logo's Arma3 with the 'charge' field
I see the "Bohemia Logo"
I see the "Arma3 Alpha Logo"
I see this is war
I see the copyrights
60 seconds black screen
I see the menu

And than I can play normally

Edit: the file DxDiag_32 is mine (32bit, on a laptop)

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.