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view does not stay zoomed in when using optics
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When using the zoom key to zoom in the zoom level will reset to default when using the optics. Zoom resets to default after using optics.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

-Zoom in
-Use optics
-View is not zoomed in anymore when looking though optics
-Zoom in key will have to be used again to zoom in on optics

Additional Information

Could help to use the toggle zoom in key to always show the zoomed view and not reset to default except when the key is pressed again.

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Related to 0002905 (same bug but in reverse):

I agree this should be changed. It is a control change still not done.

@Astaroth it's not a bug. Ticket can be closed.
Since always in ArmA, using right mouse button to zoom in optics was working as max zoom only and only if you keep pressing the RMB.
To keep optics zoom and to be able to keep it at a certain level (not max), - and + of num pad have to be used.
Same applies to all Armas, not only A3.

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