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Where is Revert?
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I,m sorry,

Either I am blind ot it is not clear. Where the heck is "Revert?" We are playing Coop and cannot fine revert. In A2 if you hit pause, from there you can save, quite, revert, etc but in A3 revert is not an option. Many times we want to revert back. I am adding to this post. There are times when we are far into a coop mission and then die with no more spawns. This is where revert comes in handy. we can revert back a little ways without having to start the entire mission over. Arma 2 had this "revert" feature. If a player dies and there are no more spawns left you canot just exit but "exit and save" is the only option which saves the mission with thay player dead. As it stands, the only way we can accomplish a "revert" so to speak, is to control, Alt, Delete, and shut the game down from there. Then launch the game and "resume" and can then start from the last save.


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I agree, there is also no " restart " option

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Closing in favor of #4610. As far I know, still unfixed.