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Please add some features before alpha ends so we can test and give constructive feedback!
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Features; climbing/vaulting, door breeching, locking doors, turning on/off building lights, better ladder animation, and some form of melee! If they will be added at all then they should be before alpha is ended! If not the bugs they may have will cost more time to fix! We all want to help improve the game and find all the errors before the game's beta, or full release! If this stuff is all held back until even the beta, then we can guarantee it will affect how the full game is completed in a negative way! I love his game and want to help test and improve it to make it blow the top of the charts out of the water! Let us see just how good it could be before the next major step in development!


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Many people are scared of having features added, because they are afraid it will break the games integrity and playability! We need all the movement, and special features before we'll ever know! I know bug fixes are priority, but honestly the lack of ability in some cases is equal to or worse then some of the existing bugs! Please do this, because we need to see what we're up against now, not later. If there is a climb/jump feature then we need to critique it and hone it to perfection that everyone can enjoy and feel safe with. If there will be a melee, then we need to know that it is not too overpowering! This stuff can't wait, i beg of you all to vote this up! This needs to happen!!!

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the flip side, if a good feature is added shittily due to time constraints, it'll give a false impression.

I see where you are coming from, but good work is not supposed to be easy! If hey can't do it( which we all know they can), then it needs to be known now! I believe everyone is having false hopes about what could be accomplished before release! This stuff can be done, and should be pressured from the consumer into happening! Believe me this will improve he full game outcome! That is all that could happen! Think positive! We need to see better gameplay period!

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All these features have already been requested. There's no point in requesting them again. If the devs decide to implement them, they will do so as soon as they get around to it.