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Don't like the arcade reticule aiming "sway" at all
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In debate of shooting mechanics, I understand there is some motion going on for some shooters while shooting thru a scope at long range Some people obviously have less hand/eye coordination / handling / control than others.. But while aiming downrange via a scope, It really is frustrating the way it's currently implementing the random "sway" of your aiming reticule dot. You should not have to sit there and wait for the "magic sway dot" to come your direction. You really can not counter the randomness going.. and seconds are going by... CRUCIAL seconds that IMO take away a lot of FUN from the game.

I strongly feel it should be changed, and yes it should be moving/swaying, but you should have the ability to fight that sway by counter dragging your mouse in the opposite of that random sway direction.. Not to let it (the random sway) decide what it's going to do and you just have to wait and hopefully press the shot button at the right pixel to hit that solder at 500meters and then after you miss you end up waiting for it to come back to that "magic spot" before you pull the trigger again, and 3 shots are taking 15 seconds then plop, you are one shotted between the eyes by a standing solder at 700m :D

Somewhere in the last few years.. video games invented this fake sniper sway to add difficulty to these mindless shooter games, and it appears its found its way into Arma... I seriously don't even care to scope anymore.. its iron sights or nothing because its just so fake IMO...

In short there is just ZERO feeling of "LINING UP YOUR SHOT"

Anyone care to agree disagree?


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play the game :D

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Bohemia added a subscriber: C4lv1n.Apr 3 2013, 1:09 AM

Good point. I think instead of adding random sway, the game should immediately up mouse sensitivity. I have done long range shooting and the only reason there is sway is because small movements of the firearm translate to large movements at a distance. Realistically, this could be implemented by auto-increasing the mouse sensitivity so that small movements of the mouse greatly affect the position of the reticule thereby keeping it realistically difficult, but difficult by skill not difficult by adding random nonsense to the game.

I rather have a more steady controlled shot and then just more deviation of where the bullet goes.. than fighting the random swayed "line up" shot. I have no problems with gun accuracy and missing. But trying to shoot in Arma currently is nothing short of frustration, and it should be fun.. that's what its all about is shooting when it gets boiled down. Heck, 90% cheating community might cut down to 89% (heh bad joke)

In response to your suggestion on computer controlled auto increase sensitivity.. not sure that is a solution to cater to, because it will just lead to a sensitivity monitoring software tool and mice who have the ability to adjust will have a huge cheat like advantage.

With respect, you need to use the hold breath key. It eliminates all involuntary movement in your point of aim for a few seconds. I have the keybind stacked to my sprint key as I'm not going to be sprinting while aiming.

I'm well aware of hold breath, if you fight the sway during hold breath the reticle becomes a jagged jumping bean of a mental fighting game.. I'm lining up a shot, not inserting a .01mm needle into a .011 size pinhole.

I'm lining up my real gun now.. i don't have to fight my line up... i aim, and shoot, not aim... counter sway... fight sway... shoot...

When you come to the bottom line of point.. ITS GAME KILLING bad..

Trying to explain things much better.. So let me try again...

When lining up a shot.. whether in any position or how minimal its random sway is... "and whether holding breath or not" its mentally frustrating to be moving your aim up.. and the random sway is forcefully fighting the opposite way.. I call this mental frustration... how can you be moving UP.. but your aim is going DOWN...

If you are adjusting your aim.. i don't think the "sway" should come into effect at all.... when mouse movement is stopped.. then you can sway... and then we can adjust..... but again.. fighting down while pushing up.. is counter productive to why we are participating in using this software..

C4lv1n added a comment.Apr 3 2013, 5:24 AM

Lie down and hold your breath, the reticule will move much less. The current system is preferable to a reticule that doesn't move at all when scoped in. It's not a fake thing to add difficulty, it's a real thing. Go to a range, rent a gun, and try to keep your gun as steady as you seem to think it would be.

The only reason you don't notice sway in iron sights is that you can't see well enough to notice the sway, it's still there, but you don't realize it until you're using magnification.

You can see your damn heartbeat in the scope if you're using high enough magnification (10x-12x) in real life.

Difficult and fake are two different things entirely.
Move your finger up.. where does it go? It goes UP. So why do i mimic moving up with my mouse only to have the game say no, sorry, we won't let you aim up... we don't want you to get to that pixel.. no sir.. That is not difficulty, that's fake... and thats frustration.. has nothing to do with skill..

This game is simulation. but the shooting is arcade.. and not even fun arcade. that's just outright wrong.

The only reason i bring iron sites into the picture is to emphasis there is zero fun in scope shooting. And again holding breath is irrelevant.. the aim fights your movement.. how is that simulation..

I've never sat on a range going.. ya know.. that shot is hard.. the gun keeps wanting to go down, i cant move it up to get hit the bullseye... NEVER

Nor have i ever waited for the sway to bounce around till it came back and swayed into the desired "sweet spot" before pulling the trigger.. i aimed.. i fired.. i never fought a gun sight lining ever.

As for difficulty, that comes into play with wind, bullet drop, having your scope set at 400m and adjust on the fly to acomodate a spotted target at say 280 or 550m.... in that split second you need too recognize and adjust to take the shot..

The difficulty should not be some stupid dot bouncing around and fighting it to a desired pixel to accommodate this unskilled uncoordinated soldier..

Sure under heavy breathing.. i have no problem with it saying you can't hold still, that is understandable/tolerable.. never when stationary

C4lv1n added a comment.Apr 3 2013, 6:49 AM

"I've never sat on a range going.. ya know.. that shot is hard.. the gun keeps wanting to go down, i cant move it up to get hit the bullseye... NEVER"

Then I'm pretty sure that you've never been at a range at all. Sometimes you do in fact have to wait for the reticule to come around onto the target, it is actually rather difficult to fight the movement of the weapon that is caused by breathing, heartbeat, and your hands not being rock solid.

Even when braced, prone, and holding your breath, unless you've got your gun in a vice you will have to take your time while the reticule comes around.

What you seem to want is COD quickscoping, not going to happen.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 1:23 PM