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40mm grenades fired at an infantryman's chest from 5m has no effect
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If a rifle grenade strikes a unit which is too close to cause detonation, there is no effect at all. In real life, being struck by a 40mm grenade at close range, such that the grenade does not detonate, can cause serious injury or death from the impact alone. In the game, it doesn't even stagger a struck soldier. Indeed, the struck soldier will not even register the event as having occurred (except maybe by sound), and friendly units will not yell, "Cease fire!" as they normally do in response to friendly fire.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. place an infantry unit
  2. shoot him in the chest with a grenade launcher.
  3. Observe that he is a mountain of stone, and is impervious to such trivial concerns.
  4. Shoot him 20 times in the big toe and watch him roll over dead. Achilles toe for the win!

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Agreed, in previous ArmA-versions you could even kill people by shooting 40mm flares in their faces.

In ArmA3 these projectiles cause no harm at all.

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Duplicate of #4666

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