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[Feature request] More ships, boats & underwater vehicles
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To the Developer. I realize that this is only the alpha and I do knot know what the full release will contain but I do have some thoughts about Swimming and Diving. Currently it is really cool that you can do this. REALLY COOL. However, There has to be more to get players out in the water and utilizing what you have spent so much time to create because as of now, there is not much to do in the water. Even on missions I have created, infiltration by water is cool but when you get to shore, you are stuck with a sucky gun and gear.This may change with the full release as I understand clothes will be available and may be able to be stored in your back pack. I do not know.

I really think you need to add the following things if not too much trouble. More ships for sure if you want to get us in the water. Many of these (larger) ships can be static with a way to get aboard. Entire missions can take place on a large ship or oil platforms that you had to swim to and sneak aboard. Also we need the ability to plant explosives on the underside of boats and ships. This would be great and give us more to do in the water.

One more thing, From the editor, I placed a diver at night to see what it was like. Pitch dark. What would be very cool is a hand held impeller driven device to pull you along faster but with a light on the front. This would be very cool at night and the ability to dim the light when you get close to your target so as not to be spotted. Imagine being under the water in pitch dark with other teammates with what I have described. The light beam to see where you are going underwater while pitch black in a short distance beyond the beam. This would make for some very cool in visually brilliant game play. Also. this device could have a storage compartment in the center to take a better gun and keep it dry.

If you would be interested in making it, I will prepare a schematic of it to scale. I just would not know how to make a mod or addon to bring it to full fruition.

I just hope you do more to make being in the water more interesting and more to do. {F18618}


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I love the chance to attack large ships and oil platforms, from the sea by boat and divers and air by releasing men from the helicopter with the rope. Absolutely +1. I suggest if it is possible to add the release of divers from submarines. Currently, the mode of infiltration for divers involves the release from submarines positioned at a depth of about 50 m.

Oh yes! +1 For divers released from submarines and large ships

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Title updated for clarity.

Note that certain vehicles for divers have already been confirmed, one of which was already shown in videos last year.

I just added a photo of a real HAND HELD propeller. But For A3 it needs to have a light on the front for night ops and possibly a water proof chamber for carrying a better gun you can assemble once on land.

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Rotinor Black Shadow 730 <-goto Movie section :)

WIP model

Black Shadow used for underwater ops by lot of SpecOps in Europe
Obvious need! Make it please :)

YEA. Give us this..

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

-Aircraft carriers (Gerald R. Ford class)

-Submarines (SSN & SSBN types)


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