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In "Preview" mode from "Editor", if killed more then 3 times, the "restart" menu disappears must "alt-ctrl-del" to kill game
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When in editor, if i preview the game, it plays fine, but if i'm killed 3 or more times, the restart menu and other options do not come back up, just a black screen with the borders and ARMA logo. However if i select them from my memory, using the keyboard, and select to come back as another "playable", i can hear the game playing, i just cant see anything. other then the logo and border. there's no way for me to exit unless i "alt-ctrl-del". This only started happening after this last release.


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Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into game editor 2)setup a game 3) preview 4) get killed a 3 or more times 5)eventually the menu wont appear.
Additional Information

Intel Core i7-3770S CPU @ 3.10GHz, MSI Z77A-G45, HP 2509 on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Driver version

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Unable to reproduce in 0.52.103507 Stable. Could you please provide more detailed info?

  • Is it complex or simple "One BLUFOR vs. one OPFOR" mission?
  • Did you use scripting?
  • One or more playable positions?
  • Did you use save or team switch?
  • Did you change Video Options before the issue occured?

Like i do in ARMAII, I just mess around, killing both sides, constantly switching playables before i get killed. When I do get killed I'll use TEAM SWITCH. However eventually after 5 - 6 times (a little longer now) I wont get the menu back up when im killed. all I see is the ARMA Alpha logo on bottom right corner. NOTE: If i guess about where the menu is, i can select it, actually get back in the game but the whole time i cant see anything, still black but i can hear myself shooting.

  • i'll go into editor create blue team with equal number of red team (opfor). Red team are unplayable, but blue team are almost all playable. I create approx 100 for each team.
  • No scripting is used.
  • Almost all playable on the BLUFOR.
  • All i do is "team switch" until the menu stops appearing.
  • I didnt change video options.

ALSO the same thing happens when i play the games I created in SCENARIOS

GOOD LUCK!!! The graphics and realism by btw is BAD-ASS! can't wait for the release!

any progress? it's still happening

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After couple of trials I finally got the repro. The problem occurs when team switch is activated right after player dies or during receiving the deadly hit. While I'm in the dark screen, I can still open the Pause Menu via pressing Esc or the Team Switch dialogue via U. This proves that the team switch to another unit is already completed.


  1. Insert player and 5 playable soldiers as one group in mission editor.
  2. Start preview and force soldiers attacking you by killing two of them.
  3. Open Team Switch dialogue via U key.
  4. As soon as you get killed team switch to other soldier.
  5. The black fades in as soon as the team switch happens.

if i just let myself die and it fades to black, at first, the menu comes back, it'll let me switch teams a few times, but eventually it just stays black and the menu doesn't come back. it's random when it happens, sometimes it happen only after a few deaths, but it averages around 7 deaths.

If you want me to frap it i can?

I'm no longer having this error :)

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Can't say I've seen this happen recently either. Seems to be resolved. :)

Just noticed this was stickied. Re-opening, since I don't know why.

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Unable to reproduce in DEV 061.106178

Same here, i have die and restart 10 time and unable to reproduce in DEV 0.61.106178

Fixed in dev version 061.106178.