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Seriously add a climb ability for small walls and and barriers!
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When i'm running for cover or trying to sneak around an already existing gun fight, it is important to be able to go over obstacles, for a tactical or life saving approach! Stop neglecting this issue, it is pure ignorance (no other way to put it)! If this game loses projected sales this is why! If your developers don't want to do it, hire a person who realises that it is necessary! Using the logic that we'll get enough sales anyway, is insulting and bad business! It's obvious the issues are being cloed due to the want to not add this feature! I'm not trying to be rude but i think avoiding this is and should be offensive to those of us who know it is and should be possible!


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Any gunfight in an encampment or objective point, could be considered a no-go zone in a heated fight, without the ability to climb to safety or to a tactical advantage point!

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nice idea but why is this immediate priority.
not important atm, the game wont lose sales over not being able to climb walls

I know plenty of people who refuse to play games where they are restricted for no good reason, i understand not being able to jump a wall with gear, but to not be able to climb a small barrier or wall is not realistic, and if you ask me and plenty of others, this absolutely is a high priority. If they don't implement it now, then it won't be tested by those who want it.

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Postman2112 support you! GTA forever

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Has already been requested. Please search before posting.