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Client crash when equiping a modular equipment
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Sometime, when a modular equipment is equiped, the game crash. "Equiped" mean "equiped a silencer" as much as "switch from X sight to Y sight".

It happened to players or host, no matter (crashing the game session in the second case :/).


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What do you mean with "switch from X sight to Y sight"?
Do you have this crash in singleplayer too?
Do you have some 100% repro steps for reproduce this crash?

  • by "switch from X sight to Y sight" I mean :
  • Have a weapon with a "X" sight (for example, an holo) equipped
  • Open inventory
  • Drag & drop a "Y" sight (for example, an RCO ) on the equipped "X" sight
  • Crash ;)

No really reproductible steps. It happened also in the editor, previsualising mission and during multiplayer mission "home-made".

In "pure" singleplayer : no idea.

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Should be already fixed.

Mass close.