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Weak shaking trees and grass
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In a storm and other weather the wind is very weak shaking trees and grass
Do more in 3 or 4 times!!!


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given that there is wind present, even without a storm, i hardly ever see grass or trees get affected at all, in normal conditions everything is dead still, like wise hovering a chopper a foot of the ground, I hardly see shrubs, grass and trees get affected, and smoke from fires or grenades don't seem to get affected as strongly by wind or down force of a choppers blades either as it should. They should work on it.

priority shouldnt be urgent though, this can be done during the polishing stages of the final game before release i believe.

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When the trees are harder to swing person movement will be less noticeable.

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Our business is to offer up to you to think.

Priority should be lower like ShotgunSheamuS said, else I agree. Would be really nice to have trees breaking occasionally.

Triada added a comment.Apr 2 2013, 1:06 AM

Not need trees breaking in my Issue.

"Urgent" priority for this? You serious?

yeah most people probably dont grasp what is urgent, I agree this is something that needs work, but at alpha stage, it isnt urgent, late into beta will render this urgent.

BIS should have an easily accessable panel that should explain how to rate priority issues for average persons, but I guess even then you will still stumble upon some rediculous issues and priority.

Triada added a comment.Apr 1 2013, 7:32 PM

"Urgent" priority for this? You serious?
It's "urgent" for me, because very simple, and gets lot of fun.
late into beta will render this urgent
-I do not think so,in beta other issue will be urgent .

no, beta is about polishing things up and improvement, alpha is about stability... Thats my understanding of it.

This issue for is not a stability issue, it is improvement of something already implimented, it will be attendid to later I am sure, dont stress too much.

Triada added a comment.Apr 1 2013, 7:30 PM

//alpha is about stability...
-I do not think so, thats my understanding:

  1. alpha - many bugs
  2. beta - less bugs in engine but still more in missions and compain
  3. relise - little bugs

but in real life will be with BI:

  1. alpha - stratis and small amount technics - many bugs
  2. beta - .....- more bugs
  3. relise - all staff - much more bugs

At which point they will be polished?
They must delete all bugs on every point

never said ARMA3 will have a perfect release, but it will be stable and functional. They may even push back release date to attend to all new features and polishing up the final product, i wouldnt be surprised if they did.

You also have to bear in mind BIS is not a big multi billion dollar dev and publisher such as EA etc, so it is likely they will be fixing other issues after release as well.

Triada added a comment.Apr 2 2013, 1:37 AM

Let the developers decide what bugs they fix first! Do not debate! ))

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:21 PM

these aren't category 5 storms they're simulating, you mental cripple.

what for you looks simple, may be a pain to code in a game engine, especially when it's merged with PhysX engine too.
That said, Urgent priority is way to high. Feature requests shouldn't even have a priority in alpha stage.

/upvoted but certainly not URGENT.
Later in beta stage this may be looked into