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Port All ArmA2 Units, Weapons & Vehicles to ArmA3
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As it is ArmA 3 is now a 'futuristic tactical shooter' not a 'military simulator'.

Beautifully detailed and REAL weapons, vehicles and units is what made the ArmA experience so amazing... if it has to be in a DLC then so be it.


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Wait, so much work they have to do.

kinda alot of work, but only because there are so many, because arma 2 weapons and vehicles are able to be imported from Arma 2. all they have to do is put in the health and put in finished arma 3 physics into the vehicles, otherwise the animations of the guns would be TONS of work. If any modder would make a DLC with Arma 2 vehicles I would get it immediately. :D

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Or we leave them in ArmA2 and just wait for more content in ArmA 3. Though, I would not mind the old gear system without a zillion attachments.

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You should name your ticket "Hey, Devs, MAKE ALL THE THINGS ALREADY!!!"


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Ifrits, hunters, Katiba's and MXM's are real?... oh you mean they will be real in 22 years.... ok!

My point is playing with weapons and vehicles that don't exist is for crysis, the ArmA series was a milsim... no longer I guess... you arma newbies have no idea.

Totally voted up... I personally think the idea of future time/gear is nonsense... I wonder if we will be battling with laser guns in Arma 4...

Yeah, I kind of feel they were trying to clone Crysis.

Actually, the Ifrit is a real vehicle in Russia. It's called the "Punisher" in real life.

The Katiba in real life is the DIO KH2002 SAMA

the TAR-21 in game uses the airsoft model of the IMI Tavor TAR-21

and the MX guns are modeled after a mixture of elements taken from the Remington ACR and the Robinson Armament XCR firearms.

Aswell as the SDAR in real life is the Kel-Tec RFB Carbine.

And the Hunter is the Oshkos M-ATV

Op shouldve checked the forums before thinking hes omniscient. Theres a discussion about real world counterparts of arma3 vehicles and weapons, been there way before the alpha came out.

Yep, OP should've checked before stating that they are all fictional.

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Dont use the elitist fucktard BI forums... sorry

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76, sorry but that's a pretty piss poor excuse to not do research. If your going to accuse someone of making stuff up just because it looks a little bit futuristic, then you should do the research to see how many prototypes and how much equipment today is starting to look like that.

Also a lot of stuff in Crysis is based off prototypes as well with a little bit of artistic liberty here and there, basing things off real stuff is called hard sci-fi and it is done much more than you think in books/movies/games

"As it is ArmA 3 is now a 'futuristic tactical shooter' not a 'military simulator'."

I cannot help but imagine a BI dev looking at this sentence and smugly thinking to himself, "Just as planned."

I wouldn't be surprised if 2035 and the "future warfare" look was chosen specifically because the devs themselves were bored of modern warfare...

"the ArmA series was a milsim... no longer I guess..."

Considering how people are showing up to Arma for other things BESIDES DayZ -- that is, things which they can't get in BF3 or COD -- why is it impossible to believe that maybe, just maybe, the devs feel the same way as them?

The whole future warfare aspect of the game is very interesting, it's a pretty good approach for a milsim in my opinion, it's still going to be a milsim, even if it is based 22 years in the future. It also allows for some breathing room regarding artistic creativity regarding small arms, mechanized armour, and air vehicles.

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