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Addweaponcargo array breaks ironsight range adjustment on numbers greater than 1
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This was a previous post regarding the issue but the cause was incorrect, so I investigated the issue a bit more.

The problem occurs when using addweaponcargo - when more than one of a gun is added to the container the weapons adjustable sights no longer work.
For example:
this addweaponcargo["srifle_EBR_F",1];
Will work fine.
this addweaponcargo["srifle_EBR_F",2];
The range adjustment hud will be missing and page up and down will not do anything.

I've attached a repo mission and I have it working consistently, one crate only has one EBR the other has two. {F18584}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load attached repo mission in singleplayer/editor
  2. Upon loading two supply crates will be in front of you, the left having one EBR the right having two.
  3. Grab the EBR out of the left crate, note that you can zero it. Drop it or put it back in the crate.
  4. Grab an EBR out of the right crate, note that this particular EBR cannot be zeroed even though they're the exact same weapon class.

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This issue was probably already fixed, I am not able to reproduce it. Could you please check it and let me know? Thanks!

No reaction for more than a month. Seems to be already fixed, closing.