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Electronic Warfare
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To be blatant this is just in the hopes that we ever see something like ACRE implemented into the game & maybe radio towers affecting radios.

Electronic Warfare what does that entail; For some it entails jamming enemy radio communications, listening in, generally mischievous activities that have to do with the oppositions tech.

ie. Your enemy is relying on their radios/some type of SCI-FI hud such as that in ghost recon, the ability to jam the usage/function of such could change how things are played.

Radars/Other early detection warning systems such as stations (Mike 26?) whose function is to alert the owners of such installations to any act of aggression/suspicious military activities. Jam/Destroy a radar, fly right into someones house & drop a bomb.

Some (Not all) Special Operations black hawks & the AWACS have the ability to jam/monitor communications, radar floors, things like that which everyone thinks are just Hollywood gimmicks.

So, by this point you've likely asked yourself who cares, why bother & what the hell is an AWACS.

AWACS on wikipedia:

The reasons why it should be implemented, it adds a new variable which no game has yet delved into exploring thus far to its extent in a video game. Why shoot people when we're going to have automated turrets that you can hack & have THEM shoot people for you? Save bullets, proper usage of tax payers dollars. Everyone's happy.

Say maybe towers are implemented, you want to make a Special Operations Mission of some sort, so you want to cripple a larger forces ability to communicate by disabling their radio tower, whether by destroying it(Overt) or placing a jamming device in the control box(Covert). Either way you've just gone into a new area of Gameplay that hasn't been tapped to it's full potential, most importantly in MP.

Enemy has drones & a lot of guys, even the odds, hack their drones & make you're own BO2 mission.

Though to counter such capabilities & remove the "Tech is useless if it's going to just get hacked every mission" complaints there should be ways to counter it, via some type of mini game played at a laptop/controller area of some sort, or using your own jamming device, etc.

Why let big publishers have all the fun?


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Hollywood, Ubisoft, EA, $$$?

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Implement radio towers if you implement ACRE and i'll send you a cookie.

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I absolutely agree on an electronic warfare aircraft, helicopter, or added to the EMP technology by the year 2035 will be very convenient.

This is covering the full scale of EW, not just Aerial, those were just the best examples which are pretty common knowledge/easy to source.

I like the idea but I dont want this to turn into a "Who can hack your turrets the fastest" competition. If done right this could add a whole new dimention to the game. Edit: EMP mines sound like a good idea.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:19 PM

no, this isn't sci fi.

drones aren't automatic, they're controlled by people. if you want automatic, then say goodbye to precision, accuracy, finesse and geneva convention since plenty of civilians will get mowed down. good job.

"emp" anything would be useless, especially a mine, since it's going to what? knock out the equipment of 5 or 6 soldiers in its vicinity?

SGTIce added a comment.Apr 1 2013, 5:48 AM

Hacking the turrets was just a spitball idea, though i'm guessing most "common" missions won't utilize turrets too much.

Negating the ability of a soldier to use their radio ingame, in the case we had something similar to ACRE, taking a vehicle out of commission or taking down some of the land drones we'll see later in the game, yea i'd say that'd make a big difference.

Speaking of non automatic drones, explain to me why there's going to be an autonomous drone in the game later as suggested by earlier screenshots.

So, dem votes.

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Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Apr 28 2013, 6:06 AM

i 100000000000% agree, EVERYTHING you said there was true, an actual war game with electronic warfare properly implemented has been never seen in any videogame, yes, you are exagerating in the things you could do with that a bit, but mostly the use of radio towers and the use of hacking (for the record: i am talking about hacking to get intel/footage, not a Deus Ex style "hacking a turret and make it shoot the bad guys") are things that i REALLY hope they make it into the game

47Pilot added a subscriber: 47Pilot.May 7 2016, 1:19 PM

I vote against this. I dont think its realistic that a platoon, or squads do jamming. Im pro EW in aircraft, but on the ground... nah, wont work, not implementable in a realistic manner.

Ender added a subscriber: Ender.May 7 2016, 1:19 PM
Ender added a comment.Apr 28 2013, 2:21 PM

i like the part with the radios but hacking turrets? drones? dude seriously...

Yeah lol@Ender, that's totally ridiculous BF3 style.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Apr 28 2013, 9:45 PM

like i said, hacking turrets and drones is more like BO2 or Deus Ex style... but yeah, hacking radios and intercepting radio messages in both MP or SP would be awesome

Yeah... But it's not realistic is you have 2 regular armies fighting eachother. You can't hack radios, you can't intercept and translate encrypted radio waves. What you CAN do is jam a frequency range so it cannot be used. But it's not equipment a single soldier can carry with him, so to say :)

Let me rephrase the jamming part, it wouldn't be on a per person basis.

In all likely hood it would be with some type of gadget which would either be used from a vehicle or placed somewhere more than likely.

Not to mention everything is up to the mission editor.

Ender, look into military tech at current.

We're already slated to get drones at release. BI might of already thought of some of these things.

Seems to me you two have been living in the dark ages.

Pilot, you're completely wrong, not all radio messages are encrypted either. The US, Britain, etc. have intercepted the taliban, translated it, etc.

In every major war Electronic warfare has played a part. Information warfare plays an even bigger part ever since WWII.

You could place a jamming device on a radio tower or the like pilot.

Everything is based on the mission editors choice.

SGTice, I am not wrong. I said regular armies, self-respecting ones lol, use encrypted radio transmissions in times of war. Especially if important intell is shared.

I don't recall the Taliban being a regular army lol. They use cell phones and walkie talkies to communicate, and yes, those can be recorded and translated.

Placing a jammer on a radio tower is Hollywood bullshit and has nothing to do with reality.

Like I said earlier, radio jamming is possible. To jam radio you need a big power source and then you just block out a certain frequency range by transmitting your own jamming signal over it. This means YOU cant use these frequencies either. If you want to jam a broader frequency range, you need more power. If you want more range, you need more power.

Even established armies can be jammed, ease dropped on & have their messages decoded/translated. It's been going on for years.

Not when it comes to a radio tower being used for communications.

Hence the point of bases, FOBs, etc.

B93 added a subscriber: B93.May 7 2016, 1:19 PM
B93 added a comment.Apr 29 2013, 8:45 AM

I agree, it would be a good feature, if implemented realistically. I would suggest that if, for example, a team is in a zone, where the radios are jammed, they should still be able to communicate in view distance with hand signs.

SGTice, ofcourse, everything can be jammed. Jamming is VERY simple. But eavesdropping/decoding/translating? No... If encryption (+Frequency hopping) is used it will not be decoded. Maybe years and years later, but I guess that's useless huh?
Unsecure transmissions can be intercepted ofcourse. You could even do some spoofing as an enemy. It's just that I don't think armies will work with unsecure comms.

I don't understand what you're trying to say with your point of bases and FOBs with their radio towers... But like I said earlier, it's Hollywood bullshit to put a jammer on one of those towers lol.

Also, all of this will be useless in-game, when people use 3rd party software to communicate, like TeamSpeak.

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