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Arma 3 Application not responding
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I preview my editor mission, use about 20 or more squads. It will lag quite a bit freeze quite a bit for a few seconds then resume. Recently it started freezing then goes to a full black screen, then i alt ctrl delete check the task manager and Arma 3 application is not responding. I have to end the task in order for it to close. I have tried playing Arma 3 but anytime i have larger numbers of NPC AI it crashes every-once in a while. most of the time it freezes for a few seconds still able to hear sounds then continues and of course repeats the freezing issue.


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Use the editor create 20 or more squads, run around play for a little while. I have tried reproducing the game crash however most of the time it just freezes for a few seconds.

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I tried with 53 rifleman squads without this issue.

Sorry about the RapidShare links not working. I should have them fixed now.


Crash Report

I also attached my mission editor file. I am sorry if i am not providing very much information, this is my first time for reporting an issue on an alpha.

Mission File

Thank you for mission. I tried it and I didn't have blackscreen, but I had freezes.

dazhbog added a subscriber: dazhbog.May 7 2016, 1:19 PM

The game is freezing because the mission executes a script (LV_functions/LV_fnc_ACpatrol.sqf ) which calls findEmptyPos function:

line 48: _newPos = _newPos findEmptyPosition[1, _disPAI];

with parameters that take too long to process (max distance seems to be too big) - actual values:

_newPos = [6775.55371, 0.264826298, 4654.58057] findEmptyPosition [1, 1835.78528]

Moreover, the call is inside a loop so the freeze might be even longer.

I suggest revising the script.

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