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Trigger Feature " if PLAYER is present / not present fire trigger" request
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Would find it very useful if Triggers in the Editor would cover an option to say "if Player is present/not present fire trigger" in addition to have only Faction-Options.


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there already is.. group(yes group, not sync) the player to the trigger, then open the trigger and you will have new options

I know its possible to do it this way. But i am in the opinion that beeing part of an alpha testing is a good oportunity to make things easier and give ideas to make the wortkflow with the editor more intuitive.

Apart from that point, during missionbuilding there are examples where it could be useful to have an option like mentioned above. I.e when you want to make an "switchside" using the groupmodifiers-module in order to make the player hostile to units in an specific area.

So i keep my request up and would apreciate to have an option like mentioned above.

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