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Map blocked <> map scroll
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Hi all,

as usual, sorry for the possibles errors.

On some servers (and in my 'mission-editor' section) I can't "slide" the map.

What I mean?

If I've only the hight part of the map, to go down I can't move my mouse into the bottom direction (when I reach the border the map didn't move, on some servers yes), but I've to decrease the zoom with my mouse roller, than when the map is minimized I've to point my cursor on the zone of interest and increase the zoom.

Well, I'll find the map-scroll more user-friendly


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Unfortunately until now I haven't see a steps sequence.

Today I've see the problem on the editor section

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If my English is to bad I can try with Italian, French (or with a little bit German)

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Ok, I've just see that if I press the right button of the mouse I can 'take' the map and move them... it's already better than 'increase - decrease' the zoom

(lol... it make days that I've the problem, I post here and few minutes after I find a possible solution... so, the priority can perhaps be reduced, even if, IMHO, it would be nice be able to move with the "mouse slide")

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Seems this was a non-issue.