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Arrangable 3GL 3 round ammo
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would like to see the a feature for 3GL 3round ammos where you can arrange the load by mix matches of Smoke , flre, or HE rounds.

i.e: first shot to be flare to illuminate area and remaining shots to be HE for illuminated targets.

Diffrent mix of colors for flares and smokes for signals and communication.(or to make prety colors in the sky)


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Same thing with rounds in a magazine, would be nice if we could change the arrangement of normal rounds, tracers and so on. Maybe only on chest with spare rounds... should also enable us to refill mag's.

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Good feature! +1
You can mix your launcher with flashbang, smoke, gas, he
be good :)

This would require a new UI indicator so you could keep track of what order they're in and such, as well as a new mechanic for combining the different rounds.

This would be a significant undertaking to implement, I'm not voting up or down on this, but I think it's not a priority feature at all, back of the line.