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Cannot use FAKs when not holding a weapon
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When attempting to treat yourself with a First Aid Kid while not holding a weapon, the healing does not work.
The animation does not start, but the healing sound (applying a FAK) plays in an infinite loop.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce

I will describe the exact steps I went through before I discovered it:

  1. in the editor, I placed a BLUFOR player unit with init "removeAllWeapons this" and a supply of FAKs in a nearby container, along with an Alamut launcher;
  2. in game, I took 3-4 FAKs and the Alamut from the container;
  3. after getting damage, I chose "treat self" in the action menu, and the problem occurs then.
Additional Information

To fix the problem described, I had to get the Alamut in hands, and then chose "Treat self" in the action menu. Then the healing animation and sound started, and the unit got healed.

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Should be fixed in current dev build.

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