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AI anti-tank soldier has difficulties using the AT
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AI anti-tank soldier, have a lot of difficulties to engage a enemy car! If the team leader is an AI or if it is the player, the problem is the same.

There are severable problems: You cannot ask the AI to engage through [unit-number]-2-2, because he doesn't answer and/or move, so you have to face the vehicle, and clic engage directly!
And secondly, when he accept to engage, he has a lot of difficulties to fire. First he'll fire with his light weapon and get killed often!


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I really think it is a major problem, since OFP, the AI are not able anymore to engage enemy vehicle effectively. For SP mission it is something that has to be resolved!

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uuhh! Confirmed, serious problem.
In A2 we can bring tanks on Takistan on some hill and destroy anything on target area and dont care about AI rpg or lauchers, he just dont shoot by that :D

I see just in few times in A2, vehicle destroyed by AI AT rocket :) (more 3 years of playing)

Yeah, it is a serious problem, and I hope it will be resolved!! It is not possible to play a SP mission, like in OFP CWC anymore...

Confirmed Also hope they fix this

Agreed... There was no such problem in OFP, but since ARMA, it became so difficult to manage the IA... I tried to lock the car and give a fire or engage order, but this dummy always use his gun ! It needs to be fixed.

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As far as I understood the issue, this is more about the AI being unable to select a weapon, stick to it and effectively and asap fire at a dangerous threat. We are aware, that it is often troublesome to use the AT AI effectively.

Was discussed also here:

However, I'd still recommend using only this issue for any further discussion.

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Can you please check it again?

There have been some improvements deployed to the Dev Branch recently.

I'm sorry, but I don't think so...
Try Bingo Fuel, flank by the right side, and when crossing the road, ask your AT-soldier to engage the tanks. Lol. He went into the forest and never came back. He's probably still running.
EDIT: Here the link to the situation:

(oh and yes he's in hold fire mode, but I tried of course without, but most of the time, he engage the APC with his rifle while running I don't know where :/ )

I tried on 1.52RC and this is... funny. Its just like man with RPG in my squad is disabled. He had 4 shots, having clear trajcectory to the tank (target) and crew havent seen him, AND HE MISS, crew saw him, i ordered him to back off, situation repeated 4 times, and HE was dead and i was forced to destroy tank by myself.