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character dies in wrecks
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the character now dies very easily in chopper crashes, even though you cannot see any visual damage on the chopper. it was actually kinda better as your could survive crashes, like never before in Arma 2. that made me sad as is was taken away this update. :( {F18537}


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce

1.go in the editor any kind of chopper in map, set as player
3.set to "flying"
4.try to crash land by scraping ground with wheels/rails

you will see that surviving a crash is impossible, except you land hardly. still by a hard landing you are badly hurt... surviving a wreck is no longer available.

Additional Information

in multiplayer once we were flying to an LZ, flying maybe 10 meters over the ground, 40mph the pilot was shot out and the chopper hit the ground. EVERYONE died, even all 8 men sitting in the back, but the chopper didnt have a single scratch, only broken engine.

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I agree. Its far too easy to damage the occupants of vehicles even with a moderate landing it for some reasons drains a good bit of HP from your character.

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I have noticed this as an issue even more so with land vehicles. Yesterday I tried to drive through a wood and chicken wire fence and it kill myself and the occupants of my vehicle.

You seem to kill yourself very easy in most vehicles, even driving over a rock at speed kills the driver, yet the vehicle is still fine at %100 health. Same with the chopper crash into water, at low speeds you should be able to have a 3-5 second gap to be able to get out the sinking chopper yet it kills you while the chopper is still intact.

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