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Please include a server option to automatically prevent high ping players with #n ping from joining server
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Multiplayer games are fun when 10 to 15 people are playing, but when 40 people start to connect, some of them have pings of 200 to 800 ms, it prevents other gamers with pings of 18 to 31, from playing, and creates a session lost, or other error that causes server admins to have to restart their servers. I propose an option to allow admins to select which ping ranges are acceptable on the servers they are providing. Such as the ability to type in a max allowable ping of 100 ms, etc...


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While i do agree that high pingers can be an issue in MP games, i have to point out the in ArmA there's not that much downside as far as high pingers don't have a desync (ping =/= desync) unlikely other games.

In server configurations, anyways, there's a "OnJoin" script line that can be customized. I'm not sure what it does but may be worth having a look (BIS Wiki and other ArmA/OFP ded server wikies)

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BEserver.cfg can assign max ping and it works

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As Terox told BattlEye handle this feature, ill close the issue

Right, this game isn't like Battlefield where 80 ping is a terrible experience; similar to DCS, you can have quite normal performance on servers with up to 200 ping.

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