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AI too accurate when aiming, even on low levels
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  • disclaimer this post uses arguments based off weapons/vehicles stolen from the arma2\addons folder, as such i cannot guarantee that the AI would act similar with/in weapons/vehicles made for arma3

If any of you have noticed, the AI are really good aims, its almost unreal, i will give that a helicopter is a fairly big target, but i think its fairly unrealistic when you get shot to death in it as you're 200 meters away going at speed. to further the way you can see is to get the zu-23 from arma 2 have an eneny GET IN it ass the arma2 characters will try to draw resources from arma2, and crash the game then fly over him in some sort of airplane, you will notice he barley misses a shot you can also test this with ground targets and the
Ah-64/Ah-1z guns and ground targets


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. spawn an enemy (and order him into the vehicle if necessarily)(or a friendly for the chopper guns)
  2. place some targets for the AI
  3. run the preview and watch him make most if not all of his shots
Additional Information

to get arma 2 stuff in your arma3 watch this video,

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This has been reported several times.
I advise taking a look a this
aswell as checking out TPWC's AI Suppression System cheers

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Yeah so true!!

Look at TPWC's AI, how can a person make this and not the developer?

He has made the PERFECT supression!!, firing on target for 5 sec with heavy fire, FORCE them to take cover, making battles longer, more realistic and fun!, giving the players a chance to actualy " Plan" the attacks better.

this is a feature that really needs to be in the game!

Well Devs have several other Issues to fix etc.

But thats the nice thing about ArmA's Community, isn't it?

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