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Unknown visual glitch
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We were on a mission, and I was running around a hill, and noticed a red line that
ran somewhat parallel to me; I do not know what this is, if I could make an uneducated guess, I'd say it could be related to path finding, I don't know. I took a screenshot. Also boats seem to drive nearly underwater at times, also I have provided another screenshot, but don't know how to include more than one picture at a time. {F18498}


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Just run around every hill till you see it, try to find the location I have taken a screenshot of, shouldn't take you too long, perhaps a day or so.

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Great job on the game, it's starting to look very good, and the network code is better than Arma 2, I can actually play this great game online now. I would like to thank Bohemia for their efforts and hard work at providing us with the fixes they have.

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To upload other screenshots, you have to come back here after uploading your report, and upload them individually. As for the Glitch, it actually looks like blood (perhaps).

Jukk added a comment.Mar 28 2013, 9:50 AM

The red line issue was to be resolved already:
However, seeing as the original issue reporter hadn't responded to the dev's note, it is possible that the issue still persists.

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Duplicate of #3926

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