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Water currents and flows
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This came to my mind on another post.

At the moment swimming is still very linear. Im not a diver but i believe this not very realistic and its also not very interesting. As physics became implemented with Arma3 as well as the possibility of water and unterwater actions/activities there could be possible trag forces of water be implemented. Here are two examples where they could get to work.

  1. Forces near surface of the see. Depending on the strength of wavesmovement it is possible to think of up and down left, right,forward and backward as well as drift movements with the waves and their strength depending on the weather. Also general flow can drag you away, towards, along the coast if you just let drift yourself. It should depend also on the position your in the water. If your paddeling on the spot your more easily traged away as your full (half) length is tackeld by the flow. In a flat position maby less as you can be more alined with the flow.
  1. Forces under water

similar to 1) you can yourself aline with the flow and reduce tragging forces in specific directions. Secondly you can have different currents in different depth. Could be influenced by tides or topography.

I could think of a tool in the editor that let you add a force component to the sea. I could think of a simple spline tool you draw a line or a curve with on the see map. Than you give the input of the range around the curve where these forces are active and also in which deep range this is of importance and of course the strength. If it would be possible to also manipulate the strength through a function depending on areal range deep range time of day it would give additional freedome.

I think this (simple tool) could give more depths to the hole marine system. As diving and swimming become more elaborate. There could be mods where your oxygin in your tank is limited and diving against a current will make you use more of it. Shooting underwater can be made more demanding as you get moved arround. Swimming into open see can become more dangerous as you might get drifted away. Boats dont keep staying on one place instead they move with the general flow or might get sucked out to the see if you dont land properly.

In general it would only need a tool with basic functions. The adding can be crafted by mission desingers.


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Made point 1) a bit clearer as stated in my post form 28.06

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again some examples of "currents"

and well depending on the strength it could have some impact on your bullets like with the wind, also i dont know how difficult it is to add that as well.

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I agree that a diver should move about a bit even when static. This effect should increase as sea gets rougher.

As a complete current system would deffo be overkill in my opinion, a little static wobble would do it for me.

I'd just like to see the underwater plants move in GROUPS. Right now, the plants move individually. But if a current is there, many plants in the same area should move somewhat together.

@EDcase & @kamaradski

Also i would like to see a more deeper simulation actually using physix this would already be an improvment i could live with, indeed. But than it should only be in action when your moving realy slow / stationary and as said depend on sees roughness.


good point this wobeling seems strange

Addition 28.06

to make point 1) clearer the forces are caused by the wave motion. For a given winddirection and strength it shoud be easy to to add a flow at the surface in the according direction.

Water still isn't polished when we talk physically. Bullets do not penetrate water surface, choppers bouncing off the surface etc.

Im afraid that AI would have hard time with currents but im ALL for the idea so.