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Walk around in big helicopters and planes
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You know those helicopters and planes that have huge spaces between seats? like the one in the beginning of crysis 1? we should be able to get up out of the seats,line up in the back of the helicopters or planes and have the pilot open up the back trapdoor so we can all parachute out the back realistically and not just pop out of the side of the plane unrealistically.


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Get this feature in the game.

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It would add alot of realism to a war simulator in need of realism. and have a realistic tactical experience

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How would this affect gameplay in a positive way? What would this change? Why do you feel the need to walk around?

To me, this is a nitpicky detail that would be great to add if everything else was perfect, which is not the case. I don't want the devs to waste their time on this. Voted down.

Also, this is definitely not "urgent".

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I agree with Lstor,this is not urgent,you should make priority minor.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I love this idea, hope it can be added. I would love to do this, because it is more realistic to get out of your seat, and line up at the end of a helicopter before a jump, where you used to just select "Get Out" and you magically appear outside of the helicopter or plane.

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This would be awesome...

Immersion factor. is it doable? Absolutely. Can bohemia do it? Doubtful. Most probably not.