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Helicopters explode underwater
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Something rather annoying that happens is aircraft exploding after they submerge, now unless someone is setting off explosives inside the aircraft or pressure is building up in the fuel tanks somehow this shouldn't really happen, sure the engine, instruments, etc should be damaged... but the problem is the hull also gets damaged fully, which causes the aircraft to explode underwater, killing its occupants which have a very, very, thin time-frame of which to escape the helicopter where realistically, they should have as long as they want until they drown.


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Steps To Reproduce

Plop down a helicopter
Fly over ocean
Turn off engines
Await aircraft to impact and submerge.

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Duplicate of #4620

I agree 100% but the hull should still get damaged if you crash at high speeds for in real life the hull would crumple up and the water would practically tear the helicopter (or plane) to shreds. but i agree with the part about the explosion.

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Dupe of #1781.