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Debriefing text does not show up in debriefing window
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With the new debriefing window introduced in 0.52, only the title for the relevant end shows up, not the text. For example, in the Headhunters mission, the briefing.html file contains the following:

<h2><a name="Debriefing:End1">Mission successful</a></h2>
<p>Well done.</p>

Previously, this would display "Mission successful" as the title, with the text "Well done." below it. In the new debriefing window, "Well done." is no longer displayed. This problem affects Escape from Stratis also, as well as 3rd party content that uses the briefing.html file for debriefings.


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Hm, the br tags didn't show up in the report. Oh well, you get the point.

Turns out that the debriefing system has been changed. The old briefing.html is no longer supported, and debriefing information now goes into the description.ext as class declarations.

This ticket ought to be closed when someone gets a chance.

As mentioned, debriefings are now handled differently, with the new way being explained in

Mass close.