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AT rifleman under my command will not use NLAW on enemy vehicles
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I can command my guys, even my AT rifleman armed with an NLAW, to fire on an enemy vehicle and they all do. However, any member armed with an NLAW will not use it on the vehicle but will stick to his rifle. Makes having an AT guy a but useless at the moment.


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Enter editor. Create yourself as anything Blufor. Do this on, say, the Stratis airfield runway. (for greatest visibility)
Beside you, create one Rifleman [AT], should be under your command by default. If not, place him under your command.
Create one Ifrit vehicle around 400 meters from you. (no more than 600...I think the NLAW has a max range of 600) make is the standard without guns or grenade launchers. No need to be dodging bullets while we're experimenting. Also, giving a car 0 ammunition doesn't seem to work either but that's another issue
preview. command your guy to attack the car. he should use his NLAW but he doesn't he only uses his rifle. I believe at this range he should be using a rocket to take out an enemy vehicle.

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Very correct and needs to be fixed.

  • Make it so they can fire automatically OR
  • Give a command function to fire AT weapon.
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